Saturday, March 6, 2010

Characteristic and Priority

This time I wanted to share my experiences with the application HTB bandiwdth limiter web-based, as for the emphasis here is on the nature/characteristics of the parameters and Bandwidth Limit (in Class and Client) and classification based Priority QoS.

Sometimes, we want to take advantage of the bandwidth provided by your ISP to maximum, and distribute them to clients in a fair, take the case of an internet station/internet cafe/Warnet/RTRWnet which has 480 kbps downstream bandwidth with 3 Client.

At the time of the user 1 is active, the user can utilize the entire bandwidth (480 kbps), but if there are 3 more active users, the speed is 480 kbps should be fairly divided (480 kbps:3) to the client. Bandiwdth distribution system like this is known as BANDWIDTH UP TO/SHARED

All you need to do is;

1. Defining Bandiwth Class, priority values will play a role if there is more than one Class.
Just so you know, we make Class WARNET, Bandwidth 256 kbps, 480 kbps Limit
(Bandwidth parameter serves as a guarantee minimum speed to be given to the class)

2. Defining Client for Class Warnet
Bandwidth values for each client obtained from the limit value of Class, divided by the number of client, in this case 480: 3 = 160 kbps or you can set your own value to the lowest bandwidth guaranteed to the client (eg 32 kbps or 64 kbps)

NOTE : Here is this, the amount of the value of the entire Client Bandwidth, NO exceeds the value of the Class Limit

Bandwidth Limit Class Priority
WARNET 256 480 3
-client1 64 480 5
-client2 64 480 5
-client3 64 480 5


Bandwidth amount client2 + client1 + client3 = 64 + 64 +64 kbps = 192 kbps
MUST BE LESS than or equal to limit value Class = 480 kbps

Total Bandwidth Limit Client Class; 192 kbps

If this provision is not met the tongue of your need (what is that supposed to say?!?!?), then the concept of HTB class will be ignored, and each client can exceed the limit specified class (in other words, bandwidth leaks) ^_^

With the above configuration, each client will be guaranteed a minimum bandwidht.